An Introduction...


Hi, my name is Uno. I got this website set up so I could show my artwork as a public portfolio and rant about things when I feel like it. I have plans for this website and hopefully you stick around to see all the changes.

This first entery is going to be a little then and now with one project I took and redid later when I felt like I could do it better. The idea came from Ian Hubert's lightsaber tutorial (Linked here) and went from there to create this.(Originally rendered in Evee.)

Later the next day I remade the render in Cycles and came back with a much better result.

I believed that was good enough but later on in the year I started to feel as if I could do it better. Its always interesting to take something you did when you were new to it and use the skills you've aquired since to make a better product, so that's what I did.

I'll be honest and say I don't know exactly what I want to do with this. I have ideas, but need a lot of time and experiance to pull them off. However this weird trip goes, I hope you join me in this weird ride.

-Uno (Augest 1st, 2021)